Numbat turns three - looking back on three fantastic years

On February 17, 2021, Numbat was founded. At this point, Max and Martin had only known each other for two years. Soon after, the idea of Numbat took off. It was a journey that reached a breathtaking pace and took the two founders to unexpected heights, some lows and through many unexpected curves. Now, three years later, Numbat has gained numerous location partners, planned hundreds of new systems and has grown to over 130 employees – an ideal time to pause for a moment and look back.



Question: Hello Max, hello Martin! Looking back over the last three years, was there an event or moment that particularly stands out in your memory? Maybe a moment that you would say changed everything?

Max: One event that mainly sticks in my mind was when we hired our first employee. So we became a company. And then, of course, the day we set up the first system or the moment we had the first charging customer, i.e. the first time someone paid for charging. Those were impressive moments.

Martin: Two or three moments came to mind. Indeed, it was the moment when we had Christoph Ostermann on board. That was a critical point. He has a certain standing in the industry and an extensive network. That had a significant impact on Numbat. In addition, the project financing with PATRIZIA was essential, as was the commitment from tegut… These were the signs that Numbat had arrived on the market, and things would go up steeply from then on.


Question: And when you look back, was there anything that you would say, “I underestimated or overestimated that?” Things that you imagined would be easier or more difficult?

Martin: The duration of the financing rounds. I underestimated how much work it means and how much it takes you out of your day-to-day business. And also, how many issues do you have to take care of simultaneously to keep the company running?

Question: Is there anything you are both proud of? Something that you look back on and say you did well?

Martin: I am proud of the success of the first financing for the Feneberg project. It was challenging to do persuasion work when you don’t have to show anything. In addition, looking back at what has become of Numbat in just three years fills me with enormous pride: We aim for sales of over 100 million euros this year and are confident that we can achieve that. Such a result in just three years – crazy.

Max: Basically, what we built with Numbat. About five years ago, Martin and I didn’t know each other. We only met in the summer of 2019. Looking back now, I sometimes think, “Yes, we did well.”


Question: And is it true that you no longer have a private life or free time as a founder?

Max: Well, I need my weekend more than before – at least this one day off I’m taking. I’m usually very exhausted by the end of the week. To compensate, I’ve decided to do a lot of exercise and, crazy enough, I do it more often than ever. The company is always an issue when you do something different and meet up with friends/family. Everyone asks: “How are things going with Numbat?” It makes it a little more challenging to switch off. (laughs)

Martin: The investment on a private level is certainly all in. As a founder, you invest your private life and health in the company. But I take every Saturday off. It is my “anti-burnout day” – I’ll return to the office on Sunday. That’s just part of the current phase.


Question: With the experiences you both have had in the last three years, could you imagine starting a company again?

Max: Yes. What we experienced is undoubtedly great. When we talk about the beginning of Numbat and its growth, I always remember that I was the one who bought the first Office license for Numbat. This was the first asset for the company. Three years later, with over 130 employees, I still determine who is responsible for purchasing the Office licenses. Witnessing this entire development was worth finding. At the moment, I don’t have a concrete idea of what I might one day start. I think the industry in which we are active with Numbat is suitable, and it would undoubtedly be something in this area that has significantly impacted me.

Martin: I would also start a business again. I don’t know exactly in what role, i.e. whether I would have to be in the “driver’s seat” again or whether I would also be there as a “passenger” or as an investor – but in principle, I would start a business again. For example, I am interested in fields such as seawater desalination, the construction of PV systems in topographically difficult-to-access places, and the topic of carbon capture. Let’s see when I get to it. (smiles)


If you have any questions about press issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact person, Mr Christian Mörken.
Christian Mörken

Christian Mörken

Senior Communication Manager | Numbat GmbH


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