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High-Power Charging with Numbat

Climate change concerns us all! Temperatures and the number of natural disasters are rising, prompting us to take immediate action. The internal combustion engine is still largely to blame for the high number of CO₂ emissions. Numerous countries have now recognized this and announced a phase-out date.

States plan to phase out combustion vehicles

States plan
to phase out combustion
vehicles by:

Jahreszahlen Zulassungsstopp Vebrennermotoren

In order to be able to comply with the decision of the countries and to enable the successful implementation of a new, sustainable future, what is needed now above all is an expansion of the charging infrastructure. And especially that of fast charging stations and high-power chargers in order to multiply availability through the short standing time. 

In the future, it must be guaranteed to be able to refuel carefree anywhere – and that must also be sustainable!

Sustainability and High-Power Charger

Using cleantech to fight against climate change

The combination of electricity storage and fast charging stations means that the applications are many times greater than with conventional charging options. Above all, sustainable technologies can be used here.​

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The Numbat (electricity storage) is charged with electricity from renewable sources. This leads  to a sustainable fast charging of the electric car.

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PV power

PV power from existing solar systems can be stored in the battery storage (up to 200 kWh). Fast charging with self-generated electricity.

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The Numbat can be set up practically anywhere and, above all, quickly. Large construction measures are a thing of the past thanks to a connection to the low-voltage grid. Unsightly transformer houses are history.


The grids are relieved by the electricity storage and thus protect the general infrastructure. 

Patented climate protection technology

unique: multi-lifecycle strategy

We extend the life of a battery to a whole three lives! With the energy management system we have developed, cells of a battery that are no longer functional can be identified and replaced with new cells. This means that a battery with a state of health of 80% does not have to be thermally recycled as before, but can be remanufactured up to three times. With this innovation, we are setting an example for a better world!

The whole thing is being funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs as part of a research project on the “processing of used e-mobility batteries for use as stationary power storage units”.

„We are convinced of the Numbat technology as it currently enables the most resource and environmentally friendly recycling of lithium-ion batteries on the market."
Global Recycled Standard
GRS Batteries Foundation
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Sustainable Development Goals Logo

17 Goals for sustainability & Numbat

The basis for the German government’s sustainability policy is the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in fall 2015 and comprises 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a total of 169 subgoals. The 17 global goals of the 2030 Agenda are aimed at everyone: governments worldwide, civil society, the private sector and academia.

At Numbat, we can and want to focus on 7 of these goals in line with us and our business model, and make our contribution to sustainability and environmentally conscious business:

Numbat is a cleantech company that uses only green power. With a fast charging station integrated into the battery storage, the Numbat represents the only sustainable and economically viable option for the future.

Due to the steady upward trend in e-mobility, the demand for fast charging stations will also increase sharply in the future. Numbat supports the economy and generates growth.

The combination of battery storage and fast charging station represents a real innovation. Compared to conventional fast charging stations, the Numbat has the advantage that it can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

If our Numbats were installed nationwide and the number of e-car drivers continues to increase, it will ensure significantly reduced emissions and make our cities and towns much more climate friendly.

If it is clear in advance at a site that the demand for electricity is rather low, only as many resources are used as are really necessary. This means that a used battery is installed in the Numbat instead of a completely new one.

Not only do we only use electricity from renewable sources, with the battery storage system it is also possible to store self-generated electricity from a PV system, for example.
Our patented multi-life strategy, which extends the life of a battery to up to 3 lives, is also a real climate protection innovation.

The fact that the Numbats are only connected to the low-voltage grid means that no major construction measures are necessary. Therefore, nature remains largely untouched and we do not interfere.

More information on “17 Sustainable Development Goals” and what To Du’s each individual can implement is available at https://sdgs.un.org/goals.