Numbat High-Power Charging Ladeinfrastruktur

patented and sustainable

The Numbat technology

Numbat technology combines the best of two worlds (HPC and battery technology), relying on three pillars that make the system unique:



300 kW

The Numbat is a powerful player on the market for ultra-fast chargers (High-Power Chargers). With a charging power of 300 kW, electric cars are charged up to 80% within 15 minutes. If both charging points are occupied, 150 kW charging power is possible in each case. With only a short charging time, a high availability of free, fast charging stations is ensured for electric car drivers.


200 kWh

The Numbat is equipped with a battery storage system that is continuously recharged with green electricity and has a storage capacity of 200 kWh. At the same time, it can be connected to in-house PV systems in companies. When installed in the company, in-house consumption can thus be optimized and significant cost savings achieved, for example, through peak shaving or atypical grid usage. Depending on the energy balance, we recommend further applications for optimizing the energy balance in customer discussions.


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100 %

Numbat can be used in both rural and urban areas. Without major intrusions on the power grid or construction measures (e.g. transformer station), setup and installation can be implemented quickly.

Numbat owes its uniqueness to the resource-saving, patented battery utilization (multi-lifecycle) and optimal energy utilization through various multi-applications.

With our operator model, the handling of the charging bill, the operation of the storage unit and the reduction of your electricity bill based on previous analysis is included. The Numbat itself is operated and maintained by us. All this without installation costs.

Analysis, installation, maintenance, and operation – all from a single source and without connection costs.

During a first consultation, we check how the installation of a Numbat will work best for you. This requires an initial evaluation of your load profiles free of charge, where we show your savings potential and make you an offer according to your local conditions.

Especially companies with multiple locations benefit from Numbat.

A patented, multi-lifecycle strategy found nowhere else in the world:
This is what sustainability means at Numbat.

This is why Numbat is the right choice

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support sustainability

Become part of a sustainable movement and protect the climate and the environment with us.

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acquire new customers

With Numbat, you gain additional customers through an available fast charging option.

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use cost advantage

Thanks to the innovative technology, you reduce the cost of a fast charging infrastructure.

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complete solution as a service

The first unique operator model worldwide: Depending on the location, free of charge or as part of a subscription model.

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