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1. How can I charge and pay at Numbat?

QR-Code, RFID, Card, App
At Numbat you can start the charging process with all common payment methods: scan the QR-Code to charge ad-hoc, RFID for charging cards, credit and debit cards as well as all commonly used Apps. The user interface will guide you through all the necessary steps.

2. What is a DC charging station?

DC charging stations convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). This allows them to retrieve a greater charging power and charge your electric vehicle car significantly faster.

3. What does ad-hoc charging mean?

With ad-hoc charging, you do not need a charging card or prior registration. You scan the QR code on the Numbat, select a payment method of your choice and receive an invoice by e-mail after charging. These are the payment methods you can choose when ad-hoc charging: Paypal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay.

4. What vehicles can charge at Numbat??

At Numbat all Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) can be charged. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) are excluded.

5. What types of plugs are available at Numbat?

You can charge your electric vehicle with a CCS plug (Combined Charging System) at Numbat.

6. How do I authorize myself at Numbat?

You authorize yourself with the chosen payment method in the first step.

7. How do I end the charging process?

To end the charging process, simply click on the "end" field shown on the display.

8. How does the locking and unlocking function work during the charging process?

As soon as you have connected your electric vehicle to the plug and started the charging process via the user interface, your car locks automatically. Unlocking also occurs automatically after the charging process is complete. Some manufacturers have also implemented manual unlocking via the electric vehicle. Locking and unlocking are therefore controlled by your car, not by Numbat.

9. What costs can I expect for my charging process?

You can find all information about prices here

10. Can I use my charging card to charge at Numbat?

Typically, you can charge with all common charging cards at the Numbat.

11. Who can I contect if I have any problems?

If you have any problems, feel free to contact the technical support:+49 (0) 831-2521-9978

12. Is the Numbat also intended for home use?

No. The Numbat is a combination of a fast charging station and a battery storage designed for corporate use.

13. Is the Numbat compliant with calibration law?

Yes, of course, at Numbat we load and charge in compliance with calibration laws.

14. Can I display advertising on the Numbat?

As a company, advertising can be booked on the Numbat through various media partners. Detailed information is available here.

15. How long does a charging process take?

This depends on your electric car model and, of course, to what percentage your electric vehicle needs to be charged. Generally, electric vehicles are not charged above 80%, otherwise the battery can be damaged. Numbat can charge with up to 300 kW charging power (when both charging points are in use with up to 150 kW each). However, it must be said that the actual charging power of electric vehicles always depends on the vehicle type. So if the charging level of your car is less than 150 kW, even at a fast charging station like Numbat you can only charge with the maximum charging rate of your car. The charging time is correspondingly variable. Generally speaking, the higher the charging level, the faster the charging process (if the electric car can retrieve the charging power).

16. Can I reserve a Numbat for charging?

No. A Numbat charging station cannot be reserved in advance at this time.

17. How can I find a Numbat charging station?

You can find a map with all Numbat locations in operation on our homepage in the location overview.


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