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Numbat Charging station AZ

Welcome to Numbat!

Due to climate and energy crises as well as unstable power grids, we have launched a product that advances e-mobility while setting a new standard in sustainability:


The Numbat is a combination of a high power charging station and battery storage. The underlying technology enables a positive impact on the energy transition.

What does this mean for you?

With the Numbat you can charge your electric vehicle (not a plug-in hybrid vehicle) in a very short time. The ultra fast charging station is equipped with two charging points. When using one charging point you can charge with up to 300 kW charging power, when both charging points are used with up to 150 kW (always depending on the car model).

By combining the fast charging station with a battery storage system, we can realize sustainable ultra-fast charging. One example: Numbat charges with green electricity whenever possible. A special feature of the Numbat is the possibility to store solar power in the battery and use it for charging. In the best case, you charge your electric vehicle with us as green as possible!


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