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Working at Numbat

We offer room for growth in an innovative and sustainable cleantech startup. As a company addressing diverse topics in the areas of sustainable battery, electromobility and fast charging of electric cars, we offer a highly exciting field of development with a future.

Open positions & jobs

We are currently looking for active support in the following areas. If you would like to positively influence the world through Numbats sustainable and ecological business model, we look forward to receiving your detailed application, including your earliest possible start date, by email at

If you have any questions about our career content, please feel free to contact us at +49 831 99592515.

You will find all current job offers on the German website.

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With my work at Numbat, I feel like I can really make a difference and make the world a little bit better and more sustainable. The two strong founders channel a lot of experience and our versatile product never fails to inspire me. #teamnumbat

Svenja Auerbacher
Sales Manager

I’m excited about the complex, multifunctional product, because it is technically demanding, but at the same time accessible and profitable for users. At Numbat, work takes place along flat hierarchies and with a considerable freedom of design and scope for decision making.

Dr.-Ing. Moritz Wollbrink
Senior Technology Manager

The working atmosphere is characterized by a strong sense of togetherness in the team and an open error and feedback culture. The diverse tasks result in a steep learning curve. I enjoy pulling together as a team for a sustainable cause.

Dennis Bumiller
Head of Purchasing

Our way of life and our environment are issues that affect all of us, and we need to address them now! Being able to make my contribution to the energy transition together with the Numbat team is very important to me.

Manuel Farkas
Sales Manager

What makes Numbat special is an intrinsically motivated team that wants to make a joint contribution to greater sustainability. We are actively shaping the future in the energy sector. Moreover, as a startup, we can make decisions flexibly and quickly.

Johannes Lichtenstern
Head of Software Development

What makes Numbat unique on the one hand is the appreciation of each individual team member. On the other hand, it is the combination of an innovative product and a well thought-out business model with added value.

Lucas Souza
Software Development

It is important to me to work for a meaningful cause. The freedom to contribute my own ideas at Numbat and the excellent communication within the team make the company stand out for me!

Felix Weitke
Software Engineer

The work at Numbat is characterized by endless possibilities to develop one’s own potential. With a lot of personal responsibility and respectful interaction with each other, we work for a better future.

Franziska Siegler
Communication Manager

It really excites me to face new challenges in a friendly and professional team where our mission is to make the world a little bit more sustainable. Furthermore, I enjoy being able to develop my creativity while working at Numbat.

Ilenia De Vito
Media Designer
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