Benefits for Companies

High-Power Charging for corporate customers

Numbat supports your company in meeting the challenges of renewable energies and e-mobility. Benefit from the many advantages of a high-power-charging station and battery storage, and let us convince you of our sustainable and economical energy concept. In particular, businesses with multiple locations benefit from Numbat’s advantages.

Gebäude mit Numbat, einem E-Auto und glücklichen Menschen

Low-cost electricity thanks to energy storage

Discover the advantages of effective energy management, including peak shaving and other methods to conserve electricity. By optimizing your company’s consumption, you can decrease peak loads and ease the burden on the power grids. This results in savings on both electricity expenses and grid fees.

A Complete solution as a service

Take advantage of our operator model, which is available free of charge. We oversee the entire process, including installation, operation, and billing, providing you with a worry-free package and top-notch service.

enhanced attractiveness of locations

Numbat has a charging power of up to 300 KW, which allows your customers to charge their electric cars in just 15-20 minutes. This short charging time greatly enhances the appeal of your location and makes it more accessible to electric car owners.

No costs for the grid connection

The Numbat has a battery storage system that enables it to be connected to the low voltage grid. This eliminates the need for a connection to the medium-voltage grid, complex construction measures, and a transformer station.

this is what our customers say

At Feneberg, we're excited to offer our customers ultra-fast charging stations through Numbat. With the added benefit of integrated battery storage, we can store the electricity generated by our solar systems and use it to charge up to 2000 cars each year in just 10-15 minutes. Our commitment to sustainability is shared by our partner, making this a win-win solution for all.

Nico Fischer

Nico Fischer

Head of Construction, Building and Energy Management Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH

When tegut... was founded 75 years ago, we made it our mission to act responsibly with good food. This "responsible action" does not stop for us when a customer leaves the store. We implement it throughout the company. On the one hand, an environmentally friendly fast-charging service is of course an additional service offering for our customers, but on the other hand it is first and foremost a major investment in clean mobility. In addition, the battery storage options enable us to implement the relevant energy issues in our company in a targeted manner.

Alexander Wilhelm

Alexander Wilhelm

Business Manager Expansion, Construction and Real Estate tegut

In the end, it has to be a win-win situation where the customer is the focus. We have analyzed numerous providers of charging stations and also combinations with battery storage, but the model of Numbat convinced us immediately, because there is no comparable provider with such a business model and product on the market.

Christof Feneberg

Christof Feneberg

Managing Director Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH

With the Numbats, we will be able to both compensate for the bottleneck points from the limited power supply possibility as well as to optimize the supply with the self-produced electricity by an intelligent integration of our PV systems. This is a significant support in the achievement of our ambitious goals with regard to our infrastructure for electromobility.

Bernd Czolkos

Bernd Czolkos

Managing Director Walter Seitz GmbH + Co. KG

The Numbat: A multi-talent

The Numbat inspires with its versatility. In addition to the fast charging of e-cars, it enables the efficient and economical use of renewable energies in buildings. At the same time, it serves as an environmentally friendly advertising medium that combines attractive advertising messages with green energy

Numbat mit ladendem Auto und erneuerbaren Energien

Who is the Numbat right for?

“The Numbat is optimal for companies with large, commercial parking lots that are always busy due to a high daily flow of customers and ideally located on busy roads. Companies with multiple locations especially benefit from the Numbat. Due to our operator model, companies can implement all locations with us without much effort – we take care of all the necessary steps.”

Thomas Lacher (Head of)

Thomas Lacher

Head of Sales

Are you interested in learning more about the versatile Numbat?

More detailed information about sustainability is shared on the following page:


If you’re curious about the Numbat and our charging solutions, or want to explore the vast options of energy management and EV-DOOH applications, reach out to us without delay. We’d love to share more information with you.