Career FAQs

Welcome to Numbat’s Career FAQs! Here, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about your career with us. Discover more about our work culture, the application process, and how you can join our dynamic team.

About Numbat as an employer

Numbat is a place full of self-fulfillment, responsibility and growth. We offer you the opportunity to work on exciting topics and projects that suit you and your development goals. From day 1, you can actively contribute to the growth of Numbat, but also to your own personal growth.

In addition to a subsidized fitness/wellness membership to support your personal goals and contribute to your relaxation, you benefit from a variety of exclusive discounts and promotions from various areas such as travel, automotive, leisure and more. In addition, we have an impressive fleet of pool vehicles available to Numbatians.

As a startup that is still young on the market and whose structures are still constantly growing, we do not have any predefined career and development paths. Your personal development is important to us and you can plan it individually with your manager.

Well, of course! In everyday life, regular feedback is organized between you, your manager and your team, so that it can be adapted to specific needs. In addition, there are also fixed feedback meetings at somewhat longer intervals, for which ample time is taken.

Our head office is located in Kempten, Bavaria. However, the local office only accommodates a certain portion of the team. Our offices are growing in both Munich and Hamburg. Further locations, whether as a permanent office or with the help of co-working spaces, are already being planned. A 100% remote job is also possible depending on the field of activity. If you have further questions, please contact our team.

Application: Organizational

For sure! For this purpose, we have created an extra channel “Unsolicited Application” under Career > Jobs with a Future. If your profile fits us, we will find out together in personal contact whether and how we can integrate you the best in our team.

The best time is always now! All of our positions are available as soon as possible, there is no deadline for applications.

All our job offers are available immediately. The specific start date will be defined during the process of getting to know each other and can of course also be adapted to your personal needs.

A person can have a variety of talents, we are happy to learn about your different experiences and accept your application for different positions. Perhaps you are simply not quite sure yourself yet. In that case, we would be very happy if you apply several times, send your questions by e-mail to or call us in advance for a non-binding interview (+49 831 9959 2586). Together we will find out what suits you best.

Don’t worry if the information on the website doesn’t answer your individual questions. Just contact us by e-mail at If you prefer to contact us by phone, you can call +49 831 9959 2586.

We have a multi-stage process that involves the various internal stakeholders (People & Culture, Executive, Team and Management) one after the other. We rely on a hybrid process that takes place both digitally and in person. You can find out more about this at XXXLinkXXX.

You don’t have to wait long after we receive your application. We have the right to get back to you within one week. The same applies to feedback after the various interviews in the further process.

Of course, we will gladly refund the costs incurred for your travel if you come to one of our offices as part of a personal meeting. Your personal recruiting contact will be happy to provide you with more information. If you need accommodation in one of our shared flats or alternatively in a hotel, we will take care of this in advance. This service is also free of charge for you.

This depends on the advertised position, your current location and the interview stage of the process. The first interviews usually take place digitally via MS Teams or on the phone. Our personal get-to-know-you meetings are mostly held in Kempten, but in some cases a meeting in Munich or Hamburg is also scheduled. You will get more details from our team.

Application: Technical

We are in the digital age and therefore only accept applications in the appropriate form. You can submit your application directly via the application form on our website or send us an email to

It is best to share your documents with us as PDF or DOCX, but uploading in other formats such as JPEG, PNG or PPT also works. The only important thing is that a single attachment is not allowed to be larger than 20MB.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload documents to your application profile directly. However, you are welcome to send an e-mail to and send us the relevant documents, and we will be happy to upload them for you!

Application: Content

Your current CV is sufficient for us, but you can also attach additional documents such as certificates, cover letters or references.

This depends entirely on the position to be filled. You will find more detailed information in the respective advertisement. While the job-specific requirements differ significantly, every applicant at Numbat needs the motivation to contribute independently to a rapidly developing startup.

We do not have a fixed pool of questions. The focus is on an open exchange in which both sides determine the course of the conversation together. Our goal is not to ask you questions, but to get to know you. Of course, you can still be prepared for the fact that we are interested in your experiences and professional ideas.

We ask you to indicate this in our application form, because we need a rough idea in order to prepare reasonably for the process of getting to know you and to relate both your experience and expectations to it.


You can either come to Numbat as a working student or write your thesis with us. A combination of both is also possible and welcome. Whether you are based at one of our locations or would like to work completely remotely is usually not the deciding factor.

The prerequisite to work as a student trainee is enrollment at a German college or university.

At Numbat you can take responsibility from day 1. Within your maximum working hours of 20 hours per week, you will drive your own projects and support your team. Of course, we count on your experience and knowledge, but we are also open to accompany you into completely new fields of development, so that you can develop according to your wishes.

We offer supervision for a wide range of theses with an exciting practical focus. Many technical topics arise specifically from our daily work. However, we also allow you to write theses in various other areas, provided they correspond to Numbat’s research interests.

You have the option to write your thesis at Numbat or to work as a student trainee at the same time. Regardless of the modalities, we will reward your ongoing commitment fairly.

We see enormous potential in each and every one of our team members, and that doesn’t stop with students. That’s why we generally strive for a takeover after graduation if the expectations on both sides match. When the time is right, we then explore permanent employment opportunities together.

Tips & Tricks

We also want to get to know you beyond your professional experience. What excites you and drives you? We’d love to hear from you and talk, for example, about your career as a guard dancer or your commitment as a tutor.

Just be YOU! Because you are good just the way you are. We don’t want to be presented with a showcase version that covers every aspect of our job description. We want to recruit team members for Numbat who bring individual experience, express their honest expectations and are also open in dealing with development potential.

When it comes to exploring your experience and knowledge, we rely on practical examples of your career. It’s best if you have a few situations at hand that illustrate your expertise and behavior.

In order to convince our team at first sight when receiving your application, it makes sense to prepare your documents in such a way that your most important experiences and most relevant insights are in focus and easily visible.

Whether you have concrete goals or a general vision for your professional future… we are interested in your wishes. Where do you see yourself in a few years and how do you want to develop together with Numbat? We would be happy to discuss this in order to align our expectations.

Think in advance what is important to you and which questions must be clarified from your side.

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