Numbat and SANA clinics join forces to build fast-charging infrastructure for EV's

Kooperation Sana x Numbat

Sana Clinics has partnered with cleantech company Numbat to build a fast-charging infrastructure for electric cars. With more patients, visitors and employees driving to the hospital in electric vehicles, Sana Kliniken is expanding its fast-charging infrastructure. The Düsseldorf location will install four fast-charging stations at the beginning of next year, with further locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. Sana aims to equip over 40 clinic locations with e-charging stations by the end of 2024, making it the first hospital operator in Germany to set up a comprehensive battery-backed fast-charging infrastructure.

Sana has chosen an ultra-fast charging station and battery storage from Numbat for this project. This choice offers several advantages over conventional fast-charging stations, such as only requiring a low-voltage connection and being able to connect to the existing domestic power grid. “This saves us time and money,” says Dirk Krause, Managing Director of Sana Immobilien Service GmbH. The 200 kWh battery in the charging station stores electricity and delivers it to connected e-cars at up to 300 kW.

The installation of fast charging stations benefits not only patients, visitors, and employees who charge their electric cars on site as well as clinics. “We will use the charging stations for the energy management of our buildings and can thus reduce electricity costs during peak loads,” says Almut Steinfeld, Managing Director of Sana Immobilien GmbH. When there is a high demand for power in the electricity grid, the hospital draws electricity from the charging station’s battery storage system.

The sustainable and straightforward installation, together with the possibility of capping peak loads through intelligent energy management, convinced managing directors Steinfeld and Krause to cooperate with Numbat. Martin Schall, Managing Director of Numbat GmbH, looks forward to working with Sana Kliniken AG to build infrastructure in urban and rural areas.

The fast-charging stations are an essential part of Sana Kliniken AG’s sustainability strategy, which includes reducing resource consumption and sustainable supplier management.


Caption: Sana relies on a combination of ultra-fast charging stations and battery storage from the supplier Numbat. Assembly Numbat © Numbat

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