hagebau and Numbat expand fast-charging infrastructure - together it works

The hagebau Group and Numbat, a cleantech company, signed a long-term cooperation agreement to expand the charging infrastructure for electric cars in hagebau store car parks.   

Numbat, a cleantech company in Germany, will be setting up its ultrafast charging columns with battery storage at hagebaumarkt stores across the country. Customers can charge their electric cars in just 15 to 20 minutes. The project will start in 2023.

Numbat’s ultra-fast charging columns with battery storage offer several benefits compared to conventional fast charging columns. It only needs a low-voltage connection, which means it can be connected to the existing household grid. This eliminates the need for expensive construction work and a transformer, which are necessary for a medium-voltage connection. The 200 kWh battery integrated in the Numbat stores the electricity and delivers it to the connected e-cars with up to 300 kW. Additionally, Numbat can be used for the companies’ energy management, temporarily storing self-produced PV electricity and avoiding peak loads.

Through its collaboration with hagebau, Numbat continues to advance the nationwide expansion of the fast-charging infrastructure in Germany. Starting in 2023, up to 200 charging points will be installed at hagebau stores in the coming months. In addition to the hagebau group, car dealerships and retailers also rely on the cleantech company’s economic and holistic product combination.


“We are excited to offer our customers an optimal charging solution with Numbat. The concept of fast charging and battery storage, as well as the potential for energy management, convinced us that Numbat is an excellent partner for hagebau.”

- Arne Warkocz, Division Manager Key Account Management at hagebau,

“We are thrilled about the cooperation with hagebau. Fast charging while shopping is a real added value for many customers. Additionally, hagebau is making a significant contribution to the expansion of e-mobility in Germany and is creating opportunities for optimal energy management to support the energy transition.”

- Martin Schall, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Numbat GmbH

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Christian Mörken

Christian Mörken

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