EURONICS and Numbat: Fast-charging at electronic retailers!

EURONICS and Numbat Fast-charging at electronic retailers The cooperation between EURONICS Deutschland eG and Numbat realizes sustainable High-Power Charging for e-cars in the parking areas of the stores at up to 100 locations. Fast-charging at electronic retailers becomes reality. With the cooperation of the cleantech company Numbat GmbH and EURONICS, up to 150 High-Power Charging […]

Kick-off for nationwide High-Power Charging with Numbat!

Numbat nationwide High-Power-Charging

Kick-off with Numbat nationwide High-Power Charging The cleantech company Numbat GmbH puts the first Numbats into operation in the parking areas of the food retailer Feneberg, 600 are to be built throughout Germany in 2023. On the occasion of the commissioning of the first “Numbats” in the parking lots of Feneberg Lebensmittel GmbH, all cooperation […]

Goldbach and Numbat market first EV-DOOH network in Germany

Numbat and Goldbach market first EV-DOOH network in Germany The cooperation between fast-charging infrastructure provider Numbat and DOOH marketer Goldbach creates new digital advertising spaces with the integrated 75-inch screens. Cleantech company Numbat focuses on new technologies and operates a unique combination of High-Power Charger for EVs (Electric Vehicles) and sustainable battery storage. What makes […]

Prize for Numbat at Schwaben 2030

Prize for Numbat at Schwaben 2030 Uli Benker and Franziska Siegler were able to take home the second prize for Numbat at Schwaben 2030 on Monday! 😍 The award was given to functioning business ideas that will positively influence and advance the region of Swabia in the future. Congratulations also to qbilon GmbH (3rd place) […]

Numbat and Allgäuer Zeitung | DOOH in the Allgäu

Numbat and Allgäuer Zeitung Dooh in the Allgäu Through the cooperation with Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag GmbH, we will show regional and national news on our Numbats in the future! Thanks to two large, integrated screens (75–85″), Numbat GmbH is entering the DOOH market this year. DOOH stands for Digital Out Of Home, i.e. digital outdoor advertising […]

Numbat goes Munich

Numbat goes Munich – Hi werk1! Good news! ⚡️⚡️ For our fast-growing Numbat team, we are opening a second location in beautiful Munich, namely in the Werksviertel. We have already visited the offices and we are looking forward to the exchange with the other startups at Werk1! All Articles Next article

AÜW & Numbat | New cooperation in the Allgäu

AÜW & Numbat New cooperation The cooperation is intended to sustainably advance the expansion of the fast charging infrastructure in the Allgäu region. With a long-term cooperation, Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH and Numbat GmbH want to offer Allgäu companies and customers the best possible supply of High-Power Charging stations for electric cars. High-Power Chargers are ultra-fast […]

Numbat selected for Google for Startups program

Numbat selected for Google for Startups Program​ Great news! Numbat GmbH has been selected for the Google for Startups program! This exclusive program supports a few selected, upcoming startups each quarter. We are very honored to be able to learn from the “big guys.”! For us, this program involves intensive 1:1 coachings on our online […]

Every 10 KM – Germany’s first comprehensive fast charging network

Feneberg Numbat

Every 10 km Germany’s first comprehensive fast charging network Not a conventional fast charging station: the Numbat combines fast charging technology with battery storage, allowing charging infrastructure to be built anywhere and for anyone. How a regional supermarket chain and an Allgäu startup are becoming pioneers at more than 40 locations in southern Germany Feneberg […]

2nd place for Numbat | Allgäuer Grßnderbßhne 2021

2nd place for Numbat: Allgäuer GrĂźnder-bĂźhne 2021 Prize Thanks for an awesome Monday evening, Allgäu Digital! We were very happy to take home 2nd place at the Allgäuer GrĂźnderbĂźhne. Also many thanks to the jury and to all of you, who watched our pitch live and voted for us! Congrats to Kohlekumpels GmbH, who won […]