The Numbat technology

stores 100 % renewable energies


Fast charging at the best rate

Energy Management

Possibility of peak shaving, emergency power supply and constant grid stability

Numbat Batteriespeicher
High-power Charging

15 min. charging time


Relieves the load on the electricity grids


Conserving resources through multi-lifecycle strategy

The Numbat technology consists, among other things, of three patented solutions that make the system unique and make it possible to incorporate various applications. 

With the Numbat, we are entering the market for ultra-fast chargers (high-power charger), as it can fast charge up to 300 kW. This means that in the future, electric car drivers will be able to fully charge up to 80% within 15 minutes. This will put an end to long waiting times and increase the availability of fast charging stations for electric car drivers.

In addition to its integrated fast charging station, the Numbat also functions as a storage unit for green and thus solar power. When installed, it can optimize self-consumption and achieve significant cost savings (e.g. through peak shaving or atypical grid usage). Depending on the energy balance, we recommend further applications for optimizing the energy budget in customer discussions.

In the future, Numbats will be used in both rural and inner-city areas without the need for serious measures on the energy grid or construction measures.

Numbat combines

the best of both worlds: HPC and battery technology

At Numbat, we rely on three pillars:

  • resource-saving battery use
  • optimal energy use through our multi-applications and our
  • operator model


Our “High-Power Charging as a Service” model includes the handling of the charging bill, the operation of the storage and the reduction of your electricity bill based on previous analysis. The Numbat itself is operated and maintained by us. And all this without installation costs. Analysis, installation, maintenance, and operation – all from a single source and without additional costs. In an initial consultation, we check how the installation of a Numbat will work best for you. This implies an initial evaluation of your load profiles free of charge, where we will show your savings potential and make you an offer according to your local circumstances.

The globally unique, patented,
multi-lifecycle strategy.

Why numbat
is the perfect choice:
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Support sustainability

Become a part of the sustainable movement, protect the climate and the environment with us

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Acquire new customers

With our Numbat you acquire additional customers due to the available fast charging option

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Use cost advantage

Thanks to our innovative technology, you reduce the cost of a fast charging infrastructure

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Complete solution as a service

The world’s first unique operator model with low or no costs.

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