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battery storage and fast charging station

Numbat is characterized by a sustainable combination of High-Power Charger (HPC) and battery storage. With its patented technology, it helps companies to successfully master the challenges of e-mobility. Intelligent energy management makes it the ideal companion into a green and electric future.

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Up to 300 KW charging power

High-Power Charging (HPC) means almost full charge in 10-15 minutes.

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No costs for grid expansion

No connection to the medium-voltage grid and no transformer station. The existing grid is sufficient.

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energy savings trough storage

Grids are relieved and load peaks are capped. This saves electricity costs and grid fees.

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Subscription model for

The world’s first, unique low-cost to no-cost subscription model with no investment.


Numbat is a cleantech company from Kempten (Allgäu). The competence lies in the development and production, as well as the operation of fast charging solutions with integrated battery storage. The goal is to establish Europe’s densest fast charging infrastructure to support e-mobility and its challenges. With the patented climate protection technology and the multi-lifecycle approach, the Numbat is one of the most sustainable solutions on the market. 

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Data analyses, infrastructure projects and costs, funding applications, building permits, operation, maintenance, billing – for most companies, this is a major organizational and financial expense in addition to their day-to-day business. As the first subscription model of fast charging station incl. battery storage so far, we offer the Numbat at low to no cost (depending on location) with a monthly subscription rate.