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The sustainable and environmentally friendly solution with patented fast charging and battery technology supports companies with e-mobility challenges. Without high infrastructure costs and with savings through intelligent energy management, Numbat is the companion for a green and electric future.

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It´s all about time

We bring the right charging solution to the right locations. Ultra-fast charging or High-Power Charging (HPC) is the only suitable solution to ensure availability for all electric cars in everyday life and short stays. Almost half of the weekly trips lead to “short stays”!  However, the expansion is stagnating…  

The challenge for High-Power Charging is that a lot of power has to be provided from the grid. The capacity of the existing grid is usually far too low, so that (if at all possible) a connection to the medium-voltage grid with transformer station is necessary.

The solution for High-Power Charging
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Up to 300 kw charging power

Ultra-Fast Charging (HPC) means almost full charge in 10-15 minutes.

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No costs for grid expansion

No connection to the medium- voltage grid & no transformer station. Existing grid is sufficient!

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Energy savings through storage

Grids are relieved and load peaks are capped. This saves electricity costs and grid fees.  

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High-Power Charging as a Service

The world’s first, unique operator model with low to no costs.

With the operator model

we become a partner and face the challenge together

Latest News

Germany's first operator model

Data analyses, infrastructure projects and costs, funding applications, building permits, operation, maintenance, billing – for most companies, this is a major organizational and financial expense in addition to their day-to-day business. As the first operator model of fast charging station incl. battery storage to date, we offer the Numbat at low cost to free of charge (depending on location).

» High-Power Charging as a Service «


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