Fast charging & solar power storage

Extra comfort for guests and hotel
Guests expect a suitable charging infrastructure for their e-cars during their stay. But there are some difficulties that hotels and the hospitality industry in general face. Not only can the installation of a conventional charging infrastructure be complex and very expensive, but it may not be technically feasible at all.
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The following difficulties are increasingly concerning the hotel and hospitality industry:

  • High electricity costs are incurred every day.
  • More and more people are switching to an electric car.
    The number of hotel guests who rely on a charging station is increasingly growing.
  • In March 2021, the German Bundestag passed the Gebäude-Elektromobilitätsinfrastruktur-Gesetz (GEIG).
    It also requires many hotels to install a charging option at their own site by 2025.
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100 % renewable energies in battery storage

The Numbat is a battery storage system powered by green electricity that can store 196 kWh. The energy is then returned to the hotel when it is needed there. This is the case, for example, when saunas and the kitchen are running at the same time. The battery storage can ensure a steady use of electricity and regulate electricity peaks.

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Store solar power

Hotels that have a solar system can store the self-generated PV energy directly in the Numbat.

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Ultra fast charging as an offer for guests

A fast charging station is integrated in the battery storage. This allows all e-car drivers to refuel easily and quickly (in 15 minutes with 300 kW to 80% full charge), directly at the hotel. This extra convenience makes every hotel location more attractive for the future.

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We maintain a cooperative relationship with each other

That is why we provide the Numbats in an operator model:

– Depending on the location, free of charge to inexpensive

Energy Storage as a Service: We manage analysis, installation, maintenance and operation

Subsidies for climate-friendly technology – we provide assistance in applying – Grants expire in some cases at the end of the year

We are convinced of the Numbat because it is an environmentally friendly battery storage the electricity costs of our hotel costs of our hotel enormously.

Hotel Oberstdorf
Hotel Oberstdorf
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Sebastian Reisigl
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Hans-Jörg Lingg
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Hotel Bergkristall


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