Numbat and gas station chain PM Pfennings Mobility

Cooperation Numbat and gas station PM Pfennings Mobility

Cooperation partners Numbat GmbH and PM Pfennings Mobility are expanding the company’s energy offering and ensuring the rapid expansion of fast-charging infrastructure at many PM gas stations.

The cleantech company Numbat GmbH and the family-owned gas station company PM Pfennings Mobility are taking an important step for e-mobility by bringing modern Numbat charging systems to more than 70 gas station locations. Many of the planned installations are already scheduled to be realized in 2023. PM Pfennings Mobility leads the way as a pioneer for modern and everyday fast-charging at gas stations.

With a combination of High-Power Charging station and battery storage, called “Numbat”, Numbat GmbH fulfills two important criteria for Pfennings: By extending the energy offer on site, drivers have an additional incentive to drive to gas stations of PM. Electric Vehicles (EVs) can be charged ultra-fast and efficiently. Equipped with two charging points, Numbat can fast-charge e-cars with a charging power of up to 300 kW. When both charging points are used simultaneously, it is up to 150 kW. In addition, the integrated Numbat battery storage with a storage capacity of 200 kWh ensures sustainable energy management at the stations. Due to the additional battery function, high load peaks can be avoided, self-consumption is optimized and costs are reduced.

The connection power does not matter with Numbat due to the battery storage, which is why a connection to the low-voltage grid is sufficient. Long waiting times for transformers for transformer stations as well as construction measures associated with high costs for a connection to the medium voltage are eliminated. The Numbat is installed quickly and easily at the appropriate locations. Another advantage of the battery storage system is the possibility of connecting it to the in-house photovoltaic system already in place at many Pfennings locations. In this way, self-generated solar power can be stored in the Numbat and used either for fast-charging or for operating the gas station.

Josef Busch, Managing Director of Fred Pfennings GmbH & Co. KG, says: „Numbat has convinced us as the ideal addition and overall solution for our gas stations. The system supports our philosophy ‘with energy ahead’ and meets the needs of our customers with the fast-charging offer. At the same time, with the combined battery storage, Numbat offers us a holistic energy concept with which we can optimize the power consumption at PM Pfennings Mobility stations.”

Martin Schall, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Numbat GmbH, clarifies: “For us, the cooperation with PM Pfennings Mobility is a major step in the right direction, because the development of a fast-charging offer at gas stations makes a rethinking in the industry visible. Due to more and more EV drivers, e-mobility is finding access to optimal locations here. For us, Pfennings represents an important pioneer that is making a strong case for e-mobility and thus also for the energy transition.”

The collaboration will enable Numbat to further advance the nationwide expansion of fast-charging infrastructure in Germany. Up to 600 fast-charging stations will be installed in 2023. In addition to PM Pfennings Mobility gas station chain, car dealerships and retailers are also relying on the cleantech company’s economical and holistic product combination.

About Numbat

The cleantech startup Numbat combines three worlds with its patented technology: A High-Power Charger (HPC) for the trendy topic of e-mobility, an integrated battery storage for energy management solutions, and all this with an environmentally friendly approach to contribute to the energy transition, especially with the patented multi-lifecycle concept. The founders are Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Wegener and Martin Schall, both long-time managers in battery technology. The company is based in Kempten (Allgäu).

 About PM Pfennings Mobility and Fred Pfennings GmbH & Co. KG

PM Pfennings Mobility is a family-run company group that ensures the mobility of its customers and actively drives the energy transition with its diverse range of future-oriented products and services. In addition to a national lubricant business with a broad product range, the core business includes the operation of a supra-regional service station network with 125 stations by Fred Pfennings GmbH & CO. KG. As one of the largest Shell brand partners in Germany, PM Pfennings Mobility is a competent mobility supplier for fuels and lubricants. Around 350 employees work at the various locations to ensure customer satisfaction.The company group has its headquarters in Baesweiler.



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