Perfect Complement

For Media companies

A new medium means new reach and new potential in all media offerings. In addition, digital playback and capturing, as well as integration into online & print campaigns, offer many synergies.


A Win-Win-Situation for all

Media houses are in a disruptive environment with the challenge to find new digital channels and revenues. In our pursuit for a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure, Numbat provides new DOOH locations and can fulfill the need for new channels. High-quality content and marketing ensures increased quality of stay and acceptance at the location, as well as refinancing of the systems. The expansion can begin on a community basis.

Digital revenues

A completely “new” advertising genre to complement the existing traditional media of the publishing and media houses


Expansion of the digital reach (journalistic)

Reader market and more

Subscription marketing, bundles, digital subscription offers, own brands, jobs, events, further media offers can be published

Media house

New digital products in a disruptive environment are future oriented

No investment costs

Since Numbat takes care of the acquisition, hardware, installation and operation, as well as the provision of a uniform CMS system, all investment is covered by Numbat. This means that the risk or barriers normally arising when entering a comprehensive expansion of advertising systems are eliminated. 

Best Practice Example

Allgaeuer Zeitungsverlag Partner for DOOh Numbat

AZ team leader Jörg Schneider, Rolf Grummel as well as Martin Schall and Dr. Maximilian Wegener (from left) present the cooperation at the “Digitale Gründungszentrum”.

Image: Ralf Lienert, Allgäuer Zeitung


The Allgäu region as a pilot project

In addition to the first customers and the roll-out at the end of 2022, the Allgäu region is also a test region for the first “DOOH fast charging pillars” on the market. Together with the Allgäuer Zeitung, the network of more than 100 screens (in the region) will be filled with content of all kinds and new advertising formats.

“Outdoor digital space, i.e. digital out of home, is a fast-growing media genre that has not existed in the Allgäu region until now,” says Grummel. AZ will build up know-how and resources here, also to create new advertising formats and marketing options for customers, he adds.

The strategic partnership with Numbat is designed for the long term and is significant from several perspectives: The Allgäuer Zeitung can “significantly increase” its presence in the region by offering readers and customers high-quality journalistic content and local information at additional “touchpoints”.