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Everything about advertising on the Numbat screens: Technical specifications, examples of possible Ads and of course our marketing and content partners in the regions.

Design possibilities with Numbat

Depending on the location, different ad types may be possible. Especially on busy roads or in some cities there may be a restriction regarding the type of advertising.

Moving Image

Classic videos, full-screen or in the background


– Full-screen animation
– Highlight effect for text and image elements
– Fade in and fade out of layout elements


– Only slow and discreet motion
– Only movements in a small image section
– No fading in & out of text & layout elements

Still Image

Für den klimaschutz und die Energiewende Numbat

No motion

Content ...

 …  must comply with the youth protection guidelines (FSK 0).

… must be free from political and religious expression.

… can be rejected by Numbat at any time and without justification.

Technical Specification


9:16 UHD
Resolution: 2.160 x 3.840 (square pixels)

Frame rate: 25,00 fps progressive
Color depth: 24 bit (16,7 mio. colors)
Compression: H264 (MPEG4-Level10)
Codec: H264 in MPEG4

Recommended maximum file size:
10 seconds- 40 MB


The following standard formats are mainly for still images on screens where moving images are prohibited.

9:16 UHD
Auflösung: 2.160 x 3.840 (square pixels)

Recommended maximum file size: 24 MB

The data type should be an uncompressed JPG.

Our content and marketing partners

Numbat’s unique approach opens up spaces that are available for digital outdoor advertising for the first time. Numbat makes this new media reach available to partners who can both market advertising and distribute content.

National Partner

Goldbach Logo

National specialty intermediaries and media agencies, programmatic connection.


Bavaria / Region Allgäu

Allgauer Zeitung Logo

The Bavarian and Württemberg Allgäu with the cities of Memmingen, Kempten, Sonthofen, Marktoberdorf, Füssen, Kaufbeuren and many more.

BW / Lake Constance region

The regions of Lake Constance, the High Rhine and the Black Forest are part of the distribution area.



Schwaebisch Media Logo

The city/region around Ravensburg.


BY / Region Karlsruhe

ka news

Karlsruhe Metropolitan Region.


Medienhaus Aachen Logo

Aachen city region with the border area to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Interested in a partnership?

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