9 Tips for the perfect spot

DOOH enables integrated moving image campaigns along the entire customer journey.

Digital out-of-home accompanies consumers throughout the day – at a wide variety of touchpoints in public spaces. The campaign can be adapted and precisely targeted.


Human Perception

With a total spot length of 10 seconds, it should be divided into 2 frames of 5 seconds each, or alternatively into 3 frames of 3-4 seconds each. This is optimally aligned to human perception.


A maximum of 2 key infos per spot and 1 key info per frame provide the necessary posterity.

Keep it short

The proportion of (image-like) elements should be at least 80%, while the proportion of text statements should not exceed 20% (recommended ratio). The use of focused and clear illustrations, the reduction of the text to a minimum and the selection of simple and catchy statements are important.

New! NOW! Today! Attention! Special!

Striking keyword statements – Key words from campaign – Appeal terms as stimulus including:

Big Bang

To achieve full attention, only one large effect should be set per frame.  This allows the eye to fixate.

Rest and stand phases should be included in the spot.

If Text,...

…, then only use one core statement or a short headline.

Further additions only with 4-6 accompanying words.

Longer texts should be avoided.

It's Portrait

Visually emphasize eye anchors on the Numbat (portrait format) mainly in the upper half of the screen and do not place any info in the lower third.



Headline at least 12-15 % of the format height – Use typography sparingly – Core statements always readable from middle distance – Font clearly contrasts with background – Text informs, image designes.

Brand should be present in 90% of the playing time – Brand should always be easily recognizable – Packshot size should at least be 40% of the screen height.

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