Numbat High-Power Charging Ladeinfrastruktur

Cooperation Numbat and Autohaus Seitz Gruppe

A New Use Case

Autohaus Seitz und Numbat

With the cooperation, the car dealerships of the Seitz Gruppe will be equipped with the technology of the cleantech company Numbat. It starts as early as 2023. 

The family-run company Seitz will receive a Numbat system at the first car dealership locations in the south of Bavaria and in Baden-Württemberg as early as 2023. Numbat combines High-Power Charging and battery storage in one system. It fulfils all the requirements that are placed on a modern and sustainable car dealership today and in the future. In addition, Seitz has a positive influence on the energy transition.

From a technical perspective, the Numbat is a combination of High-Power Charger and battery storage with 200 kWh. EVs can be charged ultra-fast in 10-15 minutes with a charging power of up to 300 kW. The fast-charging station is equipped with two charging points: when used simultaneously, up to 150 kW can be retrieved at each point.

This product combination brings several positive aspects. One of them is the possibility of expanding the car dealership’s grid connection with the battery storage. This means that one or more wallboxes can be connected for slower charging, even though the connection does not provide the power in the conventional way. This is a great benefit for car dealers, because the EVs that are provided for test drives usually only need a slower charging process overnight. And if it has to go fast, the EV can be charged via the ultra-fast charging station.

In addition to the topic of charging, energy management and the connection of Numbat to in-house PV systems also play a major role for Seitz. Self-generated electricity can be buffered in the battery storage and is then either used to charge electric cars or fed back into the car dealership as needed. This avoids high peak loads and the associated high costs. After installation, the charging infrastructure is initially only used for the dealership’s own vehicles and their customers. In a second step, opening the charging points for public charging is possible and conceivable.

“Through the cooperation with Autohaus-Seitz, we see that the technology inherent in Numbat is exciting for different use cases and thus also for different industries. The extension of the power connection through Numbat is a great example of the technology in that case. We are pleased to realise this with a company from the region,” says Martin Schall, Co-Founder/Managing Director of Numbat GmbH.

“With the Numbats, we will be able to compensate for the bottleneck points from the limited power supply possibility and optimise the supply with the self-produced electricity by intelligently integrating our PV systems. This is a significant support in achieving our ambitious goals regarding our infrastructure for electromobility.” Bernd Czolkos, Managing Director of Walter Seitz GmbH + Co KG 



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